Press release 3 - March 2014


85% of the trade show surface area is already occupied by the most important names in the industry; visitor pre-registration has already been opened seven months before the show is to begin


EXPOdetergo International’s offering is ever wider and more varied. This international appointment with some of the biggest names worldwide is dedicated to machines, technologies, products and services for cleaning, ironing and maintaining the quality of textiles. It is to run from 3 to 6 October 2014 at the Fiera Milano (Rho). Seven months from the show, participation continues to grow with 85% of the surface area of the trade show occupied by the 200 companies that have already signed up, for a total of 14,000 square metres already assigned. We are ever closer, therefore, to reaching our goal of having 20% more exhibitors as compared to the last edition.

The major companies in this industry are to be present. Companies that have already confirmed their participation come from 18 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Holland, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Turkey. In terms of percentage, foreign exhibitors already represent a third of the total. This data confirms just how strongly international EXPOdetergo International is.

The stars of the show will be the technologies for industrial laundering, dry cleaning, water cleaning and ironing along with excellent offerings from the supply chain, ranging from professional detergents to machines, all the way to textiles – bedding and table linens – and commercial vehicles used to transport goods or deliver to large end users at hospitals or hotels. This is an extraordinary showcase, which is representative of Italy, a recognised leader in an industry where it boasts the highest percentage worldwide of companies dedicated to dry cleaning and ironing.

 “2014 is a turning point year for European laundry services - explains Luciano Miotto, President of EXPOdetergo International –In 2010, the year the last edition of EXPOdetergo was held, we were still in the midst of the economic crisis. Now we are already in the post-crisis period and companies are determined to regain their market share and are investing in innovation. The laundry services market is destined to grow in the next few years. In Italy alone - adds Miotto –there are more than 1,000 industrial water-based laundry services, more than 13,000 water-based laundry services and dry cleaners as well as a constantly expanding self-service market. The highly technological offerings present at the show – a show characterised by quality, eco-sustainability, energy savings and innovation – are aimed at this varied target market.”

EXPOdetergo International will put a large focus on research into eco-sustainability and progress in terms of saving energy and water. These are crucial issues at a time when keeping costs of service down are one of the most important elements for remaining competitive.

Furthermore, greater ties will be created between the industries represented at the show and the suppliers most closely related to them. From laundering services for work clothes, to textile manufacturing companies, working to educate others on the culture of quality instead of the indiscriminate use of substitutes like paper and plastic in the world of restaurants and professional hospitality.

Visiting EXPOdetergo International therefore means coming in contact with the absolute latest in the industry on a worldwide level and discovering the most important innovations at a key event on the European and world stage.

This is a must-attend event for industry professionals and for suppliers involved in providing services to the various areas of the sector. It’s an event that can be visited easily and without having to line up, because time is also money. In fact, on the website, pre-registration is already open for professional visitors, and this will allow them to receive their credentials right in their e-mail inbox.

Furthermore, the show will occupy pavilions 2 and 4 in the fieramilano quarter. These are the most convenient pavilions because they are adjacent to the exit of the underground station and the railway link. They are located near the East Door, one of the main entrances to the convention centre.

The appointment is set for 3 to 6 October 2014 in Fiera Milano.

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Press release 2 - December 2013


So far, 150 exhibitors have already applied for the trade show, with more than 11,000 square metres of space


Less than a year from the opening of the next edition of EXPOdetergo International - the key international trade show for equipment, technologies, products and services for laundry, ironing, cleaning of textiles and allied products, scheduled from 3 to 6 October 2014 at Fiera Milano (Rho) -  more than 150 companies have already applied for a place. So far the occupied total area is of 11,000 square metres, assigned in November 2013, and the number of applicants shows a strongly growing trend compared to the previous edition.

The exhibitors who have confirmed that they will be participating in the event hail from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, the United States, Switzerland, Turkey and Hungary, proof of the event‘s key importance on the international stage. The event is highly diverse in terms of the technologies and services offered and the size of the companies involved, ranging from small local firms to large multi-national companies.

“In this particular market, the contribution of our show, which is the absolute leader in Italy as well as being a key event on a global scale, becomes fundamental in terms of creating a system and overcoming the complex situation of the domestic economy,” declaresLuciano Miotto, President of EXPOdetergo International. – “For this reason, we are offering a platform which has the capacity to represent the proposals of the companies exhibiting in the best possible way, offering operators visiting the show not only products and technologies but, more particularly, solutions that are hi-tech, environmentally friendly and which save money.

The offering of EXPOdetergo International is destined to interest a large variety of visitors from very different product sectors, in addition to the operators from sectors which traditionally attend the show: from catering to accommodation, health-care and wellness. These are just some of the new targets in which we are investing,” explains Marco Serioli, Director of the Exhibition Division of Fiera Milano. “So, in 2014, we aim to confirm the growth trend of the previous editions, further expanding the foreign presence which, in 2010, accounted for almost 40% of the total number of visitors”.

The trade show will be a showcase for the best there is on the market today in terms of dry-cleaning equipment, washing-machines and the latest chemicals for laundry, but also the latest textiles and services, logistics and management electronics, as well as ironing systems and all the latest technology for keeping textiles at their best, with efficiency as the keyword.

Having now reached its 17th edition, EXPOdetergo International will be staged in halls 2 and 4 of Fiera Milano, the easiest ones to access because they are located right next to the subway exit and the railway station and are only a stone’s throw from Porta Est (the East Gate), one of the main entrances to the fair area.

Just to remind you again, the dates of EXPOdetergo International are 3 - 6 October 2014 at Fiera Milano

Fiera Milano Press Office

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Press release 1 - May 2013

EXPOdetergo International 2014, aims at the boom

Next year in October, the international event on which the industry invests, confirming Italy as the leader country in the “machinery, services and products for laundry” sector comes back to Fiera Milano


Technology and service of excellence in a sphere as important and sensitive as hygiene: this is what will be offered to operators at EXPOdetergo International, the major international event that from 3 to 6 October 2014 will return to Fieramilano Rho, confirming itself among the top world events devoted to “Machines, Technologies, Products and Services for Laundry, Ironing and Cleaning of Textiles”.

This is an industry where Italy is one of the recognised world leaders, as regards supplies to the dry-cleaning and ironing sector, with a significant presence also in industrial laundries. EXPOdetergo International 2014, seventeenth edition of the trade fair, which is currently chaired by President  Eng. Luciano Miotto, promises to be a not-to-be-missed event for anyone interested in photographing trends and possible developments of a market that is more vital and complex than ever, as evidenced by the numbers of the last edition, held in October 2010: +17% exhibitors, for a total of 281 companies (including the 32% foreign, from 18 countries), and +36% visitors, with a total of 20 thousand entrances (of which 75% by professional operators, with six thousand visitors from abroad).

“Fiera Milano confirms itself as one of the most privileged scenarios for one of the most strategic niches of industrial mechanics - says Marco Serioli, Exhibitions Division Director of Fiera Milano - and we look forward to continuing to share the story of EXPOdetergo International and its success in recent years. We will once again be alongside the innovations of this industry, which we are sure will find the full attention of the operators”.


Within the event, which was founded in 1977 and has grown with each consecutive edition, you will find the best facilities for dry cleaning, water washing, and the latest in chemical products, but also services, logistics and electronics management, in addition to ironing systems and all the most advanced technologies for better and more effective maintenance of the textiles.

Hotels and hospitality, restaurants, hospitals, and health care centres: there are many different fields that today demand innovative solutions in this area, and more and more economic sectors that need concrete and timely answers in compliance with the highest standards of quality, hygiene and sustainability.


EXPOdetergo International will be held in Pav. 2 and 4 of the Fiera Milano quarters, the most convenient ones, since they are adjacent to the exit of the underground and the railway passage, a few steps from Porta Est, one of the main entrances to the quarter.


The appointment is therefore from 3 to 6 October 2014 at Fiera Milano.

EXPOdetergo International: the opportunity for your business to have a fresh scent.


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